Cinnamon On Hold

Cinnamon was born here at Sherwood (in 2018) and we all instantly fell in love with her beauty. She has a gorgeous auburn coat; crystal cool blue eyes; and a calm and laid back demeanor. She is a sweetheart who has fantastic potential for being great on the milk stand. Her bloodlines include: Green Gables, Cornerstone, Echo Hill’s, Paw Paw Nin, Luv’Em’All Acres.

Name Sherwood’s Cinnamon
Breed Purebred Mini-Nubian, 7th gen
DOB 03/25/18
Percentage 55.24% Nubian/44.76% Nigerian
Dam Rafter O Honeycomb
Sire One Nine Acres Blue Indigo
Strengths Light, lovely blue eyes; calm demeanor
Loves Cuddling with her mom.
MDGA Registered
Cinnamon MDGA certificate
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