About Us

Located in Comal County in the Texas Hill Country, Sherwood Goat Farm specializes in breeding registered, Purebred miniature dairy goats from great milk lines. We keep a small herd of Mini-Nubians, known for being easy to milk and giving a large quantity and quality of milk. The health benefits of fresh, raw goat milk were a driving factor in our decision to raise these goats. The milk is delicious and the goats are very entertaining to have at our homestead, where we also have a flock of Australorps and keep honeybees.


Animal care at our farm

Our goats are raised on a dry lot. They receive close contact with people and are treated as both pets and a source of milk for our family. Kids are nursed by their mothers for the first two months of their life. From then on, their daily diet includes: grain ration (mix our own), alfalfa, browse, and free-choice hay and straw. Browse typically consists of bamboo, oak, elm, juniper, and pomegranate.

We currently supplement with Thorvin kelp, dolomite, baking soda, and goat minerals. Herbal medicine is used primarily in our small herd, with conventional medicine/pharmaceuticals used as a last resort. Our animals receive the CDT vaccine, herbal deworming, and copper bolus. Non-polled kids are disbudded.

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