Located in the Texas Hill Country, Sherwood Goat Farm specializes in breeding registered, pure-bred Mini-Nubian dairy goats from good milk lines.


In 2016, we purchased one doe in milk and one doeling from our friends at Rafter O at Cordova Creek. The health benefits of fresh, raw goat milk were a driving factor in our decision to raise dairy goats.

A Mini-Nubian is a breed of dairy goat derived from full-size Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf bloodlines. Not only are they easier to handle than a full-size Nubian, but they also have a better feed conversion ratio (more milk from less feed).

Animal care

Kids are nursed by their mothers for the first two months of their life. From then on, their diet inclues a daily diet of: grain ration (mix our own), alfalfa, browse, and free-choice hay and straw. Browse typically consists of bamboo and native yaupon holly. We currently supplement daily with thorvin kelp, yeast, dolomite, baking soda, and goat minerals. Herbal medicine is used primarily, with conventional medicine/pharmaceuticals used as a last resort. Our animals receive the CDT vaccine, herbal deworming, copper bolus, and are tested for GS6, CAE, CL, and Johne's. Non-polled kids are disbudded.



Ordered Steps Molly-May is a 5th generation Mini-Nubian, registered with the MDGA. She was born March 25, 2013 to Eddy Place Nanny (dam) and BlueBird Ridge Beaux (sire).

MollyMay body MollyMay head
Molly's MDGA registration certificate


Rafter O Honeycomb is a 6th generation (purebred) Mini-Nubian, registered with the MDGA. She was born April 7, 2016 to Goat Trails Pixie (dam) and Sonflower Ranch Elvin (sire).

Honeycomb body Honeycomb head
Honey's MDGA registration certificate


Sherwood Emerald is a 6th generation (purebred) Mini-Nubian. She was born March 3, 2017 to Ordered Steps Molly-May (dam) and Sonflower Ranch Peter Parker (sire).

Emerald doeling

Breeding plan

Fall 2016

For sale

Kids will be available for sale in Spring 2017. Contact us for more information.


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